Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wine Review: The Scrutiny Says "Buy!!!"

2003 Kali Hart Pinot Noir
Monterey County

Wow!!! Great stuff! $9….yeah 9 bucks.

Yummy nose. Lush and smooth body. Great balance. California flavors through and through. Finishes with raspberry parfait. The light acidity works perfect with this wine. It does a touch of earthiness that I love in Pinot. No tartness. Soft tannins hold it all together. Not overly complex or unique but better than most pinots under the 25 dollar range.
90 pts

This has been my house wine for the last month and I will continue to collect dead soldiers.


Please read "J"s comments after "B"s review.

I’m trying to learn to articulate my wine tasting, but this is my first wine note, so give me a break.

My first problem was drinking this wine within 10 minutes of taking it out of the fridge. I’m not sure what the recommended temperature for wine drinking is, but I know that I don’t like red wine cold. I like it at room temperature or maybe a degree or two cooler.

Getting past the temperature, I loved it. The color was excellent. A fresh, juicy red. Dark, but not too dark. Light, but not too light. Right where a wine should be. It could have been darker, but it didn’t need it. (see note)

At first sniff, I was hit with a smell of strawberries, then mixed berries – tart ones, like raspberry and blackberry. The smell didn’t last long, which was disappointing. I don’t have a good nose for smells, so I’m automatically disadvantaged. Anyway, what I did smell was very fruity and young.

My first drink was a mixed bag. With the wine so cold, I didn’t enjoy it. I’ll fast forward to my second glass after the wine settled for an hour outside the fridge. The drink was a continuation of the smell. Fresh, strong strawberry, followed by a pungent mixed berry; even a bit of vinegar. The taste didn’t last, much like the smell. Again, disappointed, because I wanted more.

I would drink this wine again. I don’t know how long it could wait, but it has a very fresh taste. I’d like to try a bottle a year from now to see how it ages.

Scoring: The greatest reason for lack of excellent scores is that it wasn’t a strong wine, flavor and aroma didn’t last long, and was a bit fruity. Still, I’d drink it again.

92 pts


** I wanted to make a few notes about Brock’s comments. First, it looks his ability to smell is just fine. In fact, I think he smells every time I see him.

Anyway, it should be noted that Pinot Noir generally has a lighter color than many of the wines you may be used to drinking such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or red Zinfandel. You may see some “modern” style Pinots that are very dark but traditionally Pinot will have a lighter color to go with its more feminine personality.


Tallbot Vineyards


bruindgm said...

The Kali Hart is a good value, drinkable, or in this context better than quaffable, wine; I would like to try it in a year or so; the current bottle, when opened, was a little vegetal; still, good breeding from the Talbott family and more evidence that not all the good wines are the big name wines. Had it with a grilled NY Steak; it did fine.

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