Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sushi Lunch w/ Dietz & Frayer/ & A. Mann, Beaux Freres, Pey-Marin, Littorai, Arcadian & Siduri

What to do. About time to close for the holidays so a few of us gathered at the office, grabbed some sushi and enjoyed some wine. We had me, Dietz, Frayer as well as Darren and Matt who just gettings sucked into the world of wine.

We started off with a mystery white. A really nice white which I found rich and mouth coating. Jim and Gerry danced around its Alsace characteristics but then headed down a new world Rhone styled white. It was interesting to hear them go through and narrow the possibilities. It was actually very impressive. I figured this would be a sneaky one. It was a 2004 Albert Mann Auxerrois VV. I really enjoyed this wine. Great stuff and fun one to use as a stumper. Lots of flowers and lush fruit.

Then we poured my 1998 Beaux Freres Pinot Noir. My hopes were not high as experience has shown me that these wines don’t hold up well. The color was showing some age but still very vibrant. The nose was a bad sign. Odd. Probably VA. At first sip there was a lot tannin and the fruit was fading. Not great flavors. Once we broke out the sushi it seemed to smooth out a little but still not great.

Time for my 2004 Pey-Marin Pinot Noir. Nice ripe nose. The wine is still very primary. Tasty but somewhat simple. Still a well made wine that is enjoyable now but will round in about 2 or 3 years. Wine Spectator gave this an 83. Classic! I am not sure what they were smoking.

On to Jim’s 2004 Littorai “Les Larmes” Pinot Noir Anderson Valley. Wow! Fantastic. Tons of ripe red fruit jumping out of the glass then a nice smack of fresh squeezed orange juice on the front palate. A really great wine. I found this more expressive than other young pinots from the Anderson Valley I have had.

Arcadian time. 2003 Arcadian Dierberg & Fiddlestix Pinot Noir. Guess who brought these. The Dierberg is killer. Drinking great right now. Mixed opinions on the Fiddlestix but for me it was very closed off right now. Lots of stix and little fiddle at this stage. Seems to have the right stuffing but I won’t touch it for a few years.

Gerry also provided us with an Arcadian 2000 Francesca’s Cuvee that was opened the night before. Shows age when you look at the color as well as on the nose. There is plenty of fruit but it is also showing earth, blood and meat. Still a bit of a bruiser. A pleasure to drink but I think the elegance will continue to develop as the years go by.

For a final treat, Jim brought a 375 of the 2005 Siduri Sonoma Coast (maybe County…not sure) Pinot Noir. Cocktails. Your basic black cherry milk shake. Enjoyable but out of place in this group.

How They Stacked Up
A. Mann Auxerrois: One 3rd place = 1 pts
Arcadian Fiddlestix: One 3rd place = 1 pts
Beaux Freres: One 2nd place = 2 pts
Arcadian Dierberg: Two 2nd place = 4 pts
Pey-Marin: One 1st place, Two 3rd place = 5 pts
Arcadian Francesca’s: Two 2nd place, One 3rd place = 5 pts
Littoria: Four 1st place = 12 pts
Siduri: No votes

12 points 2004 Littoria “Les Larmes” = 1st place bye a mile

5 points 2004 Pey-Marin & 2000 Arcadian Francesca’s = 2nd place

4 points 2003 Arcadian Dierberg = 3rd place



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